Saturday, February 2, 2008

ALBUM: Lets never take it back

I've always been a fan of Australia's The Beautiful Girls but I never really got 100% into their first album Learn Yourself. I think it was a matter of timing, when I was introduced to The Beautiful Girls the "sweet and soft acoustic guitar player" phase in music was in full swing. I realize now that they were definitely above the rest, but I was so burned out that I didn't give it a second listen.

I was more receptive to subsequent releases, especially the raw reggae sound of We're Already Gone, and I considered myself a fan, but when I heard the single for Ziggurats I knew The Beautiful Girls had arrived in my heart and were setting up camp.

Ziggurats is a rock album first and foremost, electric guitars and drums carry the sound. They have largely abandoned the reggae sound, although Matt McHugh retains his reggae-esque voice (or maybe its just an Australian accent, who knows?) and an acoustic guitar isn't prominent until the final track.

I've since listened to all their previous albums again, and they really are great, but Ziggurats was perfect. (Plus I'm a sucker for a didgeridoo.) Some contributers to this blog still hold that Learn Yourself was their best. He's wrong, but we still get along, and thats why this is such a great blog.

The Beautiful Girls - I Thought About You

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Joe said...

I was totally hooked with We're Already Gone, and I really like Ziggurats too. It reminds me of The Police's good stuff. Great album