Thursday, February 14, 2008

NEWS: Happy valentine's day!

So it's that day again, and we just wanted to wish you a happy one.

And to celebrate, here's a track from Mates of State - the husband & wife duo of Kori Gardner and Jason Hammel, who seem to love making music just about as much as they love each other. They just had their second daughter together in January, but that hasn't slowed them down any - their new album is set to come out in May.

So consider this post a reminder to go do something special with the one you love - like maybe start a band. Or you know, whatever.

Logg & Tobler

from the All Day EP (Amazon/iTunes)


Kristin said...

Someone got me the new Jack Johnson cd for this love day, and that's what I'm listening to, so I can't listen to this fabulous track just now. Maybe later.

Also, "they're" should be--> "their."

No problem guys. Anytime.

Tobler said...

...and fixed.

thank you. :)

Joe said...

May needs to come faster! And that is the sweetest painting I've ever seen. Thank you for this post guys. The Westons are huge fans