Monday, February 11, 2008

ARTIST: Only the angels sing of something finer

We all make fun of Idaho (I know I did/do) but when I think about Boise I have only the fondest things to say. It was in Boise's Record Exchange that we found some precious musical gems, not the least of which were the Moonbabies (who we've posted about) and the lovable The Little Ones.

The Little Ones aren't from Boise or Idaho, they're from Los Angeles. I mention Idaho because with their help it made the drive back home seem to fly by, and if you've driven southern Idaho, there isn't really much natural beauty to gaze at, so thanks Little Ones.
Our good friend purchased the Sing Song EP for some ridiculously small amount. In terms of enjoyment versus financial investment, easily one of the best deals I've seen in my lifetime.

They're kind of like the Shins and they're kind of amazing. Infectious.

Oh, and mark your calenders, they release their first full-length album April 15th.


Niels said...

dude.... the link isn't workin'.

Tobler said...

give it a shot now, dude.


Jessica Tingey said...

How ironic, I discovered this band in Idaho too! I also quite enjoy their song "Face the Facts." This is a fun little blog you guys got goin' on here. I'm excited to see what you put on here!