Friday, February 29, 2008

ARTIST: Pardon me, the music is moving

I have exactly three songs from the sugary duo that make up The Bird and the Bee.
One I won't mention (for censor sakes) but the other two I will because I feel comfortable writing their song titles.

Let me just say, I laughed my head off when I first heard Polite Dance Song, which is the title of the song but also a well-suited label. It really is a polite dance song, how great is that? Inara George's mellow almost timid voice is perfect. She actually sounds bored to be singing this song, but thats what really completes the whole track.
Birthday is a song that was released just before Valentines Day. What an appropriately mushy song for an equally mushy holiday. Definitely more accessible than the previous song, and still with the mellow and fun style. A forever favorite of future 'love' mixes.

I debated on which song to post and finally, after a long deliberation, decided on Birthday. But that can be your first homework assignment: Track down Polite Dance Song and listen to it.

The Bird and the Bee - Birthday
from the EP One Too Many Hearts (Amazon/iTunes)


Andy • Drew • Andrew said...

good choice.

James said...

i like the pizazz...she has a great voice, and the music is unique.

Moranda Fielding said...

I found out about Bird and the Bee last Christmas when I was compiling my annual contemporary Christmas Carol playlist. They have a beautiful rendition of Silver Bells! But I had forgotten about them since...thanx for reminding me!