Thursday, March 13, 2008

ARTIST: Well done Irene

Chris called me the other day and asked, "Are you writing about the Bad Veins?" I responded in the affirmative and in a slightly disappointed tone Chris replied, "Oh......I really like them."
I share this to only say: I won.

Very rarely do we ever step on each others toes when it comes to posting on this fun little blog, but in this case I beat Chris to the punch. I win.
The Bad Veins are a duo from Cincinnati that doesn't seem to take themselves too seriously, instead retaining a humble attitude when it comes to their art.
It would be imposible for two individuals to produce the sounds live that their vision requires, so sitting between the duo at all their shows is an ancient and jerry-rigged reel-to-reel tape recorder (an acknowledged member of the band named, "Irene") providing the boys their backing track, "We embraced it instead of trying to hide it."

Q. How refreshing is that?
A. Almost as refreshing as their music and Ben Davis' voice.

Correct me if I'm wrong (and I realize some of you might) but Ben has a very soothing Brandon Flowers-esque voice that when elevated flirts with Nate Ruess' (which stings just a little. The Format wound is still very open.) The music is gorgeous and lush. Irene has her work cut out for her at shows for sure.

Bad Veins - Gold and Warm

For other Bad Veins track check them out at RCRD LBL

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