Monday, April 21, 2008

SONG: We are the challengers of the unknown

Finals are almost over, and that means that in just a few days I am going to feel about 100% better than I do today.

Not that I'll really have any time off, as the end of this semester just brings the beginning of the dental school application process for me. Just moving from one phase to the next, once again. I know many of you might be facing some pretty big events in the coming days and months, whether it's tossing a graduation cap, tossing a bouquet, starting to get serious, starting over, having babies, moving to some far-flung point on the globe, or saying goodbye to good friends who are moving to some far-flung point on the globe - it seems like there are a lot of people I know who are bracing to face whatever comes next. At the expense of sounding overly sentimental, consider this a good-luck post to all you challengers of the unknown.

A few months ago I had my own experience of standing on the brink of the unknown. And like every significant moment in my life, there were a few songs that were particularly important to me at the time, and they'll forever be linked to that point in time in my mind. One of them is this song by the New Pornographers, off the record of the same name (which is a record you need to become familiar with if you aren't already).

Here are some of the lyrics, crooned by the beautiful and talented Ms. Neko Case:

On the walls of the day / In the shade of the sun / We wrote down
Another vision of us / We were the challengers of the unknown...
Until I see you around / Until we clear the accounts / Leave it there
Leave it to us / We are the challengers of the unknown.

All the best to you, whatever you're doing.

from the album Challengers (Amazon/iTunes)

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