Wednesday, April 2, 2008

ARTIST: I'm a good man

I've avoided this post for so long.
But after this weekend I just can't get Josh Ritter out of my head.
This is where it all begins and ends. My musical Alpha and Omega.

This past weekend I was in Boise at the lovely local independent music store, The Record Exchange, and reminisced about when a group of us made a pilgrimage to this very store to see Josh in concert. (Which was actually only the first of the two that day.) I won't go into details concerning the performances, or when we got to personally meet Josh, other than to say I tried my best to not open my mouth for fear of spouting worshipful scripture:

"How glorious is the voice we hear from heaven proclaiming to our ears, glory, salvation, and honor!"

No joke. Josh Ritter is the real thing. A folk hero. A man who creates songs that incorporate deep metaphors, literary allusions, and even traces of humor; while simultaneously making them deeply personal and in-tune with these crazy times.
I simply can't get enough.

Josh Ritter - Girl in the War
from the album Animal Years (Amazon)

Check out this concert and fall in love. (He smiles almost the entire time. Whats not to love!?)

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