Tuesday, May 6, 2008

ALBUM: All safe and sound

Chris has already posted on these five gentlemen but it was our first post ever. So even if you've been with us since the very beginning (for which we thank you), explored our past posts, or are hearing about them from us for the first time, it's about time to talk about The National again.

I finally got a hold of Alligator, The National's previous album to last years Boxer.
My love affair with The National is renewed.
I now understand why the music community was worried if The National could ever produce another album as quality as Alligator. (They did. See: Boxer)
Much like their most recent release, Alligator is dynamic.
The music ranges from clean and clear to jarred and distorted, and all the while Matt Berninger's haunting voice carries you. Oh that voice. A million dollars and my first born to have that voice.
Enjoy a little snippet from Alligator now and if you like it, jump back to our humble beginnings and have a taste of Boxer.

The National - All the Wine
from the album Alligator (Amazon/iTunes)

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