Friday, July 25, 2008

ARTIST: Like I needed

Do you ever have those moments when you want to listen to something, but you're just not sure what? Kind of like when you open the fridge, and you're hungry, but you don't know what for? I do that pretty often, and I've found that there are a few bands/artists that no matter what, if I turn them on, I'll be thinking "yeah, that's exactly what I wanted to hear".

Well, one of those bands for me is Rogue Wave, who have yet to let me down when I'm standing at the musical refrigerator. They're sound is somewhere between folk and indie rock - never getting acoustic enough to fully wear the first term, and never so dissonant or loud to fit snugly in the latter's stereotype. Don't get me wrong, they really rock. But they also sway a bit. Headed by Zach Rogue, their music carries dream-like vocals on the back of reverb-drenched guitar, keys and some pleasantly broad instrumentation.

I heard the first song below in an independent film last year - it was near the movie's end and played over a scene of a little boy finally overcoming his fear of roller-coasters. I'd never heard of Zach Rogue & co. so I immediately looked them up - and was so glad I did. Since then I've narrowly missed seeing them twice, and probably will again this August when they swing through town on the Brushfire bus with Jack Johnson and Neil Halstead. Oh well. For now they'll just continue to be one of my favorite comfort-bands...

from the Just Friends Soundtrack (incidentally, this is NOT the film I was referring to)

from the album Asleep at Heaven's Gate (Amazon/iTunes)

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starwatcher said...

Dang boy, I'm impressed. When you said you blogged, you really do blog!!!

I'll be passing this site along to my brother the music freak, and will probably be visiting more often then not.