Friday, August 29, 2008

SONG: A cat named Virtute

So I've never done this before, but I'm going to link to another blog that I read quite often, because I think this post is right on. It's kind of funny because I was just thinking about writing about these two beautiful songs by the Weakerthans myself, but alas, I've been beaten to the punch. But you should check it out anyways at the link below:

You'll find links to the mp3's from that site, so head over there and please listen and love these great songs.


Logg said...

Favorite songs EVER. Their latest album is truly one of my favorite from last year.
But if you're a long time reader, you already knew that.

billy said...

the weakerthans have such vivid imagery and imaginative storytelling that even songs from the point of view of little Virtute ring true. i'm still hoping their next project contains another of Virtute's gems.

cheers, and thanks for the link {i'd be curious to read your take on the songs}.