Friday, August 8, 2008

ARTIST: Johan the Angel

I've meant to write about this duo for a really long time, and for one reason or another kept failing to. But it's high time you knew about them, so here goes.

Their names are Brett Pedersen and Britt White and they call themselves Johan the Angel. I saw them for the first time almost two years ago at Muse Music in Provo, and it was their airy and happy stage presence that first caught my attention. They were just so darn... well, cute. Once they started playing, however, it became apparent that there's a lot more to them than just cuteness. Their songs are sweeping and emotive, rooted in simple but driving percussion and arcing harmonies, they weave a kind of epic folk sound that is altogether pretty mesmerizing. Think of the folky orchestration of Sufjan Stevens with the composition and scope of a Sigur Ros song. Then add that aforementioned cuteness, and you've got something special.

Their S/T debut is beautiful and should be purchased and enjoyed by everyone. They've also got a Christmas EP out and a new EP due in November.

Johan the Angel - Great Big Whale
from the album Johan the Angel (iTunes)

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