Monday, September 22, 2008

CONCERT: Again? Yeah, he's that good.

I'm going to make this quick, lest our blog become some sort of fan-page... but I saw Joshua James play again on Friday at Velour, and I just can't say enough about this guy. He played with his full band (including old Southern Boy drummer, Kissel, who happens to be one of my local percussion heroes) and they sounded absolutely incredible. Really. Incredible. A few highlights included a beautiful new take on 'Soul and the Sea', a flawless and rather breath-taking version of 'Dangerous', and a chance to hear plenty of new songs all fleshed out. I'll admit that I almost didn't go, citing the fact that I've seen Joshua perform so many times - but I did go, and after such an amazing show I'm reminded of why I keep seeing this guy.

Joshua James - Soul and the Sea
from the album The Sun is Always Brighter (Amazon/iTunes)

Also - look for his new Crash This Train EP on iTunes tomorrow (Sept. 23rd), and check out some production photos from his future music video here. (A little old, but still kind of exciting.)

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