Friday, October 24, 2008

CONTEST: Win The Dears new album or 7"!

We're having another contest!

As you may already know, The Dears have a new album out that's fantastic, and we have some copies to give away. When Chris and I began brainstorming about what would be required for the contest, I volunteered that since the band was called "The Dears" why not have people just enter what their favorite animal is and why.
Great idea right?
Nope, wrong.

Chris had to sit me down and explain some of the finer points about the English language, spelling, and whatnot.
So instead of being named after a group of slender-legged ruminants, The Dears (spelled with an 'a' not another 'e') are something entirely different.
And I guess their uniqueness is why I love them.

Irregardless of spelling and meaning I'm still going to go with my idea.

So lets celebrate The Dears and my ignorance!

Just leave a comment (along with an email address we can contact you with) about your favorite animal.
(Even though The Dears hail from our great northern neighbor, no preference will be given to Canadian animals.)

In return we might pick you to be the lucky recipient of a copy of The Dears latest album Missiles or an exclusive 7-inch single featuring "Money Babies" and "Hamfest."

Free things just warm the heart.

The Dears - Ballad of Humankindness
from the album Gang of Losers (Amazon/iTunes)

The Dears - Money Babies
from the album Missiles (Amazon/iTunes)


Mark Vs. the Volcano said...

The River otter is my favorite animal for a few reasons. One they are extremely cute, they look so cool when they swim. They typically steal their dens from other animals instead of building new ones. I always say work smart not hard. They also are extremely playful both with each other, or if you were fortunate enough to own one, then they would love to play with you too.

Lisa said...

First off, I love your blog. You're music speaks to my soul. My favorite animal is an owl. A wise old owl. That is all.

-Lisa (

kp said...

After much contemplation, I decided the only way to win this time was to think of the cutest animal ever. I've decided my favorite animal is a Trixie bunny. How can you resist that? I even included a picture so you can remember how adorable!

alex said...

What is Indiana Jones afraid of? Snakes. What are snakes afraid of? The MONGOOSE!! These guys look kinda like weasels and can take out a snake in one bite. They are fast suckers and awesome fighters. Snake charmers keep them for fights against king cobras because the mongoose is pretty much the only animal that can take them on no probalo. Honestly, why don't I have a pet mongoose?!

(Note: Meerkats, e.g., Timon from the Lion King, are an African species of mongoose. The ones that truly have my heart, though, are the Indian cobra-fighting mongooses like Rikki-Tikki-Tavi.)

~Alex (lordlongsocks on that gmail thing)

James said...

What has a duck's bill, a beaver's tail, lays eggs like a chicken, swims like an otter, is poisonous like a snake, and lives on land and in the water?

You may have guessed it: the platypus--from the great down under! No one animal has confused the world more. Is it a mammal? Well, it has fur, but lays eggs. Is it a bird? Well, it has a bill, but it has poisonous barbs on its feet. Is it a reptile? loves water, but has four legs and a beaver's tail.

The platypus may not be the biggest, the best looking, fastest, but it definitely wins the award for most original. Like a good band, it has taken inspiration from several different sources, but refuses to be labeled and categorized. This beautiful animal has taken its favorite qualities and embraced it as its own. Did I mention it shoots electric impulses out of its bill?

To the birdish, reptileish, mammalish, fish-like animal--I love you and praise you for your courage not to be labeled, not to sell out.

Kristin said...

After some contemplation, I decided the reason I had not yet entered your contest was because 1) You've only had like 3 contests ever, and one of them was "What's your favorite tiger and why." And, I'm sorry, but three contests is not enough to justify question recycling. 2) It doesn't seem fair for me to win your giveaway since what's mine will be Chris's in a few short months. 3) I'm sorry! There's no good excuse!!

My favorite animal. Is. A tiger.

Jane said...

I have to say...the Giraffe! Although they are not "cute", "cuddly", "fuzzy" as some would use as characteristics for their favorite animal, I chose the giraffe because of it's pleasantness. They seem like the most happy, safe animals in the wild. Not a predator nor prey. They just look pretty and eat things from tall trees. I like that about giraffes.

I really hope I'm not too late for this giveaway. {crossing fingers while typing}

Kanoga said...

That's a tough one.

I'd have to say my favorite animal is a flying squirrel though.

So majestic. So cute. So hilarious.