Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NEWS: Lots to be thankful for

Sorry about the posting binge, but here's some good news I just couldn't keep to myself:

Good News #1: John Forte (formerly of The Fugees) was granted one of President Bush's prized pardons after serving half of a fourteen-year sentence for a first-offense drug charge. According to The Washington Post, some of John's advocates were Carly Simon and Utah's Senator Orrin Hatch, who wrote a petition in 2007 stating, "Now is the perfect opportunity for John to be given the chance to provide positive benefits to society through his considerable musical talents". And trust me, they are considerable musical talents. While I'm pretty sure no-one remembers this song, it was a favorite of mine back in my freshman year of high school. Enjoy!

John Forte - Ninety Nine (Flash the Message)
from the album Poly Sci (iTunes)

Good News #2: Matt Pond PA has expressed their thanks this year by putting up a free EP on their website, dubbed the The Freeep. Now we all have something to be thankful for.

Get the whole EP here.

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