Saturday, December 6, 2008

ALBUM: It's all in your mind

As a rule of thumb we never 'review' an album here at Whale in a Cubicle, we just like to pass along what we enjoy in the hopes that you'll enjoy it too.
I would never label myself as a critic, because quite frankly, I don't trust critics.

Case in point: The Killer's latest album Day & Age.

What is not to love? This album still has that lovely synthy feel and bouncy drumming we've come to expect from the Killers, but it still has so much more to offer.
This album feels like one of those iTunes Essentials collections where there are The Basics, Next Steps, and Deep Cuts. You'll find something you like, but you may not like everything they've got.
If your love of the Killers is largely superficial you have tracks like Human and Spaceman. Synthy and obvious live show anthems.
Absolutely loved Hot Fuss and Sam's Town and you're frightened of change? Then you'll love This is Your Life and Dustland Fairytales.
Feeling couragous and want to delve into uncharted waters? Waters that may or may not include saxophones and island rythmns complimented by steel drums? Well then listen to the somewhat bizarre (at least for the Killers) but surprisingly good tracks like I Can't Stay and Joyride.

Good music is just good music, no matter how much the critics (or haters) try to convince you otherwise, and Day & Age is some pretty great music.

The Killers - Spaceman
from the album Day & Age (Amazon/iTunes)


Ty said...

well said. i'm not gonna lie, i really liked hot fuzz, but was somewhat ashamed...unti now

Hanan said...

I love Spaceman and ym love for the Killers is most certainly NOT superficial. I adore the entire record. each song is perfection

bbond said...

what a great song - i have listened to it 16 times so far.