Saturday, December 13, 2008

ALBUM: When you gonna give me some liquor

Ok, I agree with what Chris said about Zach Gill in his previous post, especially the part where he describes Zach Gill as 'unabashedly lovable.'

Hallmark card lyricism? Sure, but all that aside Zach Gill helps fill a need in my life. My need for simple, catchy, and fun music. Something to have in my car when all other CDs fail my passengers - Don't start a road trip off with The Dears or Beirut, you may have your DJ rights revoked and end up listening to Disney music for the next four hours. They just aren't ready for either of those bands, its best to start them out with someone like Zach. Trust me, experience speaking.

Simply put, I love Zach Gill.
He is perfect at what he does and I really couldn't ask for anything more.

Zach Gill - Handyman
from the album Stuff (Amazon/iTunes)

I actually chose this song because it has become something of an anthem for me (after it was pointed out, ever so lovingly, that I am not mechanical nor handy...except in one important area.)


kp said...

Handy indeed....

Koline said...

I live in France and it's apparently not possible to get this album, even on itunes! This album is great, I particularly love Fine Wine, Long and Lizard's bridge.
Thank you very much to put a song of him here!