Friday, January 2, 2009

ARTIST: Keep your rudders right

As the only honorable mention on our top 2008 list that doesn't actually have a post dedicated entirely to itself, I figured its about time we gave The Helio Sequence all the love they are due.

Someone I quite like said to me once, "You should listen to The Helio Sequence. I've never actually listened to them, but they sound like something you should be listening to."

She was right.

I've fallen in love with the way the traditional guitar and drums are layered with synthy keyboards and other ambient sounds. It creates this alluring atmospheric feel that permeates the entirety of the album.
But it doesn't ever cross the line into a purely pop album, it still retains some structure and sound of a rock album. It really is the best of both worlds.

The Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead
from the album Keep Your Eyes Ahead (Amazon/iTunes)

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kp said...

I thought I would notify you of your typo/grammatical error. You left out "as always" on the end of the sentence which reads, "She was right."