Wednesday, January 14, 2009

NEWS: Beirut! M. Ward! Neko Case! Hooray 2009!

I apologize in advance for such a scatter-shot post. I'm just so excited for 2009 for so many reasons that I just had to throw it all up here.

First and foremost, I'm getting married on Saturday to the love of my life. But since this isn't a personal blog, I'm going to assume that you don't care and that's all I'll give you. Let it be known though, I'm pretty stoked.

On a more musical note (heh), 2009 is already shaping up to be pretty fantastic.

As Logan already pointed out, one of my very, very most anticipated releases for some time comes out in less than a week. But that's not all folks, that same day will see the release of Bon Iver's new EP, Blood Bank and The 1900s' EP Medium High (a collection of old odds and ends tracks).

A close second on my anticipated releases of 2009 is M. Ward's Hold Time, which like most-anticipated-release-number-one, you can stream in its entirety at NPR. Fantastic.

My third most anticipated album of the year (third only in order, not in amount of anticipation), is Joshua James' new record, which finally has a release date - April 28th (according to his myspace)! Mark your calenders friends. UPDATE: According to a recent email, it looks like sometime in May will be the official release.

Okay just two more! Zach Condon will be releasing two EPs next month - one, titled March of the Zapotec, he'll be releasing as Beirut, and the other, titled Holland, will be released under his lesser-known Realpeople moniker (UPDATE: the second will be titled Realpeople Holland and will also be released as Beirut). Each will reflect a particular culture in music, as we've come to expect from the talented Mr. Condon. Read more here.

And finally, we just got a taste of Neko Case's new album, Middle Cyclone, today. It's called 'People Got A Lotta Nerve', and it's as awesome as her record cover. Check out the song below.

Every one of these deserve their own post, but due to reasons stated in paragraph two, I'm pretty busy right now. But let's all just take a moment and get excited for the great year of music we have ahead of us! Alright. As you were.

Neko Case - People Got A Lotta Nerve
from the album Middle Cyclone (out March 3rd!)

Beirut - Elephant Gun
from the Lon Gisland EP (iTunes)

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