Friday, February 6, 2009

ALBUM: The Stand Ins

I had virtually the same experience over the Christmas break with Okkervil River as Chris did with Dr. Dog.
I had been meaning to really devote some time to them (ever since May actually), but with everything else that was on my plate at the time I just couldn't find the little space needed to squeeze in Okkervil River and since finding their 2008 release, The Stand Ins, sitting in the used section of a favorite store, I regret that I waited so long.
It quickly became the soundtrack over the break and in between commuting between my apartment, my parent's home, and my girlfriend's home, The Stage Names and I spent a lot of time together. Not enough time really.

There is only one thing wrong with this album, and allow me to get that out of the way first: It really only has eight songs.

Everything else is near perfection.

Musically and lyrically I have never quite fallen so fast for a song as I did when I heard Lost Coastlines. Beautiful. Simply amazing.
And as I prepare to graduate this coming April and continue the job hunt (could I ask for a better time to be looking for a job in this country?) I only think this song will become more poignant

Okkervil River - Lost Coastlines

from the album The Stand Ins (Amazon/iTunes)

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Joe said...

I listened to this while I was typing up a paper, and I must say that I was quickly snagged by this song as well. Very good pick. And how cool is that stitch work?