Sunday, February 22, 2009

CONCERT: The Submarines + The Morning Benders

The Submarines are wrapping up their tour with The Morning Benders and made a stop into Kilby Court last night. The Morning Benders, who apparently almost died en route from Denver, put on an energetic and danceable set. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar enough with their stuff to post a setlist - but that will soon be changing. They played a few brand new songs, which to my ear were the strongest of the set - so, exciting things on the horizon for these guys. Keep your ears to the ground.

John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard (AKA The Submarines) took the stage and I very quickly realized a few things. One, Dragonetti looks kind of like Christian Bale, and I bet he'd have a better batman voice. Two, if music doesn't pan out for these two, Blake could easily make a living as a princess at Disneyland. She's that adorable. Three, their drummer was fantastic, both for his percussion-prowess and his incredible hair. And four, they put on one awesome show. Here's the setlist:

Submarine Symphonika / 1940 / Modern Inventions / Swimming Pool / Thorny Thicket / Vote / Peace & Hate / Brighter Discontent / Brightest Hour / Wake Up Song / You, Me and the Bourgoisie / Xavia
Encore: Darkest Things

And here's some songs.

The Submarines - Waiting for a War (Morning Benders cover)
free tour single

The Morning Benders - 1940 (Submarines cover)
free tour single

And pictures.
First, The Morning Benders:

and The Submarines: