Tuesday, February 17, 2009

SONG(s): Josh Ritter (w/ String Quartet)

Last June, Josh Ritter played a show in MA with The Boston Pops that was supposed to be incredible. He followed up with two sold-out shows at Vicar Street in Dublin with a full orchestra, and is now planning to do the same in Cork, Ireland this coming July. All I can say is that I'd give anything to be in Cork that night.

Well, for all of us un-lucky folks who have yet to see Mr. Ritter with a full 24-piece orchestra behind him, he's given us a little treat. In December he went into a studio in Dublin with a small string quartet (made up of Kenneth Rice and Lynda O'Connor on violin, Cian O'Duill on viola, and Kate Ellis on cello), and came out with two beautiful versions of two already beautiful songs. Check them out below.

Also, if you're lucky you can catch Josh on his 'Teeny Tiny Spring Tour' starting in March - check here for dates.

Josh Ritter - Girl in the War (w/ String Quartet)
originally from the album The Animal Years (Amazon/iTunes)

Josh Ritter - Empty Hearts (w/ String Quartet)
originally from the album The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter (Amazon/iTunes)

Really, truly, I think Josh Ritter is the most talented singer/songwriter out there. I just love this guy.


Logg said...

Just so everyone knows, we here at Whale In a Cubicle stand in complete solidarity in love of Josh Ritter. I love this man and only Chris' love of him rivals my own love.

Niels said...

... followed closely by my "man crush" on Josh Ritter. Seriously, the man is incredible. Thank you for posting the songs. I had no clue they existed 5 minutes ago.

Joe said...

Me too.