Monday, March 23, 2009

CONTEST: Cold War Kids Giveaway

The Cold War Kids are touring the States through April in support of last year's Loyalty to Loyalty, and to celebrate we've got a handful of things to hang on your walls and spin on your record players.

Here's all you gotta do: Write us a comment with your name and email address (please!), and tell us the best live band you've seen in the last year. If you haven't seen anyone in the last year (shame on you), just tell us your all-time favorite live act. And be sure to write in before Friday, April 3rd, cuz that's the deadline.

Then check out some songs below and a video of these guys performing my favorite track off of their first record, Robbers & Cowards, at the Reading & Leeds Festival in 2007. After that, check out their latest Daytrotter session here. And if these guys are stopping in your town, well then, you know what to do.

UPDATE: In the continuing saga of how much Blogger sucks, they've once again erased our post due to illegal mp3s. That means we've lost all the comments made so far! So if you already made a comment and still want a chance to win, PLEASE re-enter your comment. LAME, we know. Sorry guys.

UPDATE on the UPDATE: I didn't realize that we've got all our comments saved in our email. So we've still got everyone who's entered so far! Thanks guys!


Kristen said...

Kristen Gough (friend of your lovely wife) at Best concert of this year was Foo Fighters, hands down. They can rock. Love your blog!

Jane said...

Jane Metcalf

It's a tie between Bon Iver in L.A. (brilliant, beautiful) and Ghostland Observatory in SLC (who know how to make the crowd move/sweaty dance fest).

Kristine said...


hmm. Sigur Ros SLC. magical!

ADAM said...

well my 16 birthday was spent in SLC seeing two amazing performances by Coldplay and Mason Jennings opened by Zach Gill. The Coldplay show was a blow out with lasers and confetti. it was a pretty magical birthday present.

Adam Litster

Anonymous said...

josh ritter and andrew bird- together in spokane- absolutely undeniable.

tom everett

anntje said...

I have been totally slacking on my concert going because I have night classes (boo). Best show I have seen semi-recently was Radiohead on the last tour (saw them at Outside Lands, which Cold War Kids also played)- the light show was just AMAZING. Favorite show ever was probably Belle & Sebastian with the LA Philharmonic, it's not everyday that you get to see a band backed by a full orchestra!

kp said...

I don't know why I keep doing this--glutton for punishment. But this one I had to enter since all the concerts I've been to in the last year have been with Logan. So they were all the best because I was with him. *wretch* just kidding. Sorry to make you vomit. It did too a little.
Fav would have been Josh Ritter, but that was already taken, so second best: Mason Jennings. Although, I can't wait to see him in Alberta.