Wednesday, March 18, 2009

SING THE STATES #01: Delaware

I know almost nothing about Delaware. I've never been there, and I know only a few people that have. I do know, however, that it was the first state to ratify the United States Constitution, and therefore became the first state in the Union. Nick-named the Diamond State allegedly because Thomas Jefferson called it the "jewel" of the states due to it's strategic position on the Eastern Seaboard. Also, here is a list of the 10 richest places in Delaware, just because wikipedia had it. Now we all know that about Delaware.

And here's a song to celebrate Delaware's great statehood! It's a track from the rather obscure Drop Nineteens, a little outfit outta Boston back in the early nineties. Admittedly, I had to dig for this one since I didn't already have many songs about Delaware in my music library, but it's pretty fun anyway. You might hear some similarities to My Bloody Valentine or some other UK shoegaze groups from the era, and while I'm not entirely sure if it's about the state itself or not, it's a pretty good bit of early 90's rock. Enjoy.

Also considered: Neal Casal - Delaware Station; Perry Como - Delaware; Ben Harper - Diamonds on the Inside

Drop Nineteens - Delaware
from the album Delaware (used on Amazon)

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Anonymous said...

I love the Drop 19s! I'd encourage you to check out more of their stuff, it's very very good.