Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ALBUM: Technicolor Health by Harlem Shakes

As bad as it sounds, sometimes I'll judge an album by its cover. When I've got a pile of new music to listen to, sometimes it's just the best way to narrow down what to tackle first. True, this is becoming less and less relevant in our digital age, and true it's not always a good way to judge music, but sometimes it's served me well. Like this time.

This time it's Harlem Shakes' debut album, Technicolor Health, that caught my eye first - and then my ear. This record's so good you should put down whatever you're doing and listen to it. Like now. Even with a ton of new music to listen to, I played this album 4 or 5 times on Monday while I was knee-deep in some thick calculus (gross, I know). Then I put it on again yesterday, and this morning it's still the sweetest thing to my ears. Yup. It's that good.

Drawing on the best from rock and indie pop, Harlem Shakes have put together 10 ridiculously catchy, intricately layered pop songs that have kept me tapping my toes and rocking my maths for 3 straight days now. Upbeat and refreshingly earnest, these tracks are full of smart humor, rousing choruses, a surprising array of musical influences, and beats that just won't quit. Most simply, I think this is the funnest record I've heard this year so far.

Every song's a stand-out, but here's a couple to cut your teeth on.

Harlem Shakes - Strictly Game
from the album Technicolor Health (Amazon/iTunes)

Harlem Shakes - Sunlight
from the album Technicolor Health (Amazon/iTunes)

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