Tuesday, April 28, 2009

ARTIST: Goodtimes Goodtimes

Last week I included a song by the talented Goodtimes Goodtimes in our "Snow Is Gone" playlist, and was excited to get an email afterwords announcing their plans to release an EP in the near future.

We originally wrote about Goodtimes Goodtimes (which is essentially Franc Cinelli) about a year ago after his debut album Glue was released (read that post HERE). While his music could be lumped in with the likes of several Bob Dylan aspirers, his knack for writing cheerful ditties like the ones below set him apart a bit. The music keeps a buoyancy worthy of Franc's moniker, and assuming the EP sees daylight soon, it'll make a perfect summer soundtrack.

Here are two tracks from the upcoming release, first the title track "Let It Begin", and second a finished version of one of my favorite Goodtimes Goodtimes tracks to date, "For All My Kingdom". You can also check out a video for "Let It Begin" below. Enjoy!

Goodtimes Goodtimes - Let It Begin
from the upcoming Let It Begin EP

Goodtimes Goodtimes - For All My Kingdom
from the upcoming Let It Begin EP

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