Wednesday, April 1, 2009


MT 2MB (pronounced 'empty tomb') was originally conceived only as a side project for renowned Glockenspiel-ist Logan Holtman (of ‘Guitarmageddon’ fame) however, it quickly evolved into something much much more when Logan was joined by pianist Niels “Kneels” Yensen (most recently associated with O.W.G.). The world has been praising their purely average and predictable style of Christian-Rock since.

After the release of their first album a little less than six months ago, Christian-Rock pioneers MT 2MB have announced the release of their second studio album, By Faith Alone.

Logan Holtman, lead singer and accomplished jazz flutist, said in a recent interview concerning their new release, "Our first album was really for the fans, this album is a departure from the usual. Kneels and I took some time off of the touring circuit, cleared our heads, got on our knees, and recorded our most experimental album to date. That was actually all done within an afternoon, mixing and all, and I think the results speak for themselves."

The 2-disc deluxe version includes a bonus DVD that chronicles Holtman and Yensen's spiritual journey on the road to By Faith Alone. As Yensen described it, "It was an epic journey, a hard row to hoe, filled with more than one "arrow from the Adversary", and sometimes, when you were ready to give up and go back to making generic radio alt-rock and you felt like you couldn't possibly lay down another track, you felt someone else's hand strumming that guitar or hitting those keys. The mixing was all us though."

The country has never needed MT 2MB's spiritual stylings as much as it needs them now. Tackling such issues as evolution ('That's Not My Daddy') and the failing economy ('Filthy Lucre') it speaks to this generation of Americans and offers direction that can only be found through Christian rock.

MT 2MB - The Wise Man Built His House Upon this ROCK!

from the album By Faith Alone (Amazon/iTunes)


Jason said...

got me. Nicely done.

Kristin said...

The 2MB changed my life. I'm so glad they're finally getting the recognition they deserve! But now I'm going to have that catchy Filthy Lucre beat stuck in my head all day, darn it all!

Tigre said...

They're no Stryper but who is? When I need something average I put on the 2MBs.