Thursday, April 30, 2009

ARTIST: Winter Gloves

A quick search through Wikipedia and you'll discover that gloves have a rich and varied history. (Who knew gloves even had a history? Gotta use that history degree somehow I guess, might as well study gloves.)
Baseball, boxing, work, driving, and falconry. What do these all have in common. Gloves...and gloves make the world great.

Why the glove talk? Just a way to lead into my favorite gloves as of late - Winter Gloves. Not the seasonal variety of hand-coverings, but rather the addictive Montreal-based band.
Just a great combination of synthy-pop beats, driving bass, and catchy lyrics that one minute have you dancing ("Let Me Drive") and the next minute have you relaxing to beautiful harmonies in what can be described as easy listening. ("Piano 4 Hands")
And the Winter Gloves pull it off. Their debut album, About a Girl isn't a bunch of strong dance songs with some mediocre slow material interspersed, but a solid album through and through. If you missed their fantastic video for the album's lead single, check it out HERE.

Oh and Chris failed to mention in his New York post that Gloversville, NY is a world center for glove manufacturing. (An unfortunate oversight that is being corrected here.)

Winter Gloves - Let Me Drive
from the album About a Girl (Amazon/iTunes)


roygbiv said...

I saw these guys open for You Say Party We Say Die! a while back. They rocked. They gave out free cds with two tracks, an acoustic version of Let Me Drive and a cover of LCD Soundsystem's "Something Great"\


Anonymous said...

yep, i too saw one of those same shows, they were great.

for those who don't know, they just did a cool cover of nirvana's 'smells like teen spirit', get it free here: