Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PLAYLIST: Snow Is Gone!

So it finally feels like Spring here in Utah - and after last Wednesday's ridiculous blizzard (which dumped more snow on my car than I think any winter storm has) the sun feels long overdue. Yesterday my wife and I met at J Dawg's for lunch and enjoyed our polish dogs on the grass in the sunshine. It was amazing. This playlist is to celebrate that moment.

mp3: Josh Ritter - Snow Is Gone
mp3: Goodtimes Goodtimes - Sunshine Sunshine
mp3: Jon & Roy - Another Noon
mp3: Architecture in Helsinki - Spring 2008
mp3: Matt Costa - Sunshine
mp3: Harlem Shakes - Sunlight
mp3: The Format - Snails (EP version)
mp3: Mojave 3 - Got My Sunshine

Now I'll continue celebrating by studying for my LAST FINAL as an undergrad. Woot.


kp said...

I almost cried last week when I heard "Snow is gone," and it wasn't

brook said...

favorite list ever