Sunday, April 19, 2009

SONG: Be Somebody

When did I get old? I feel like it happened sometime in between the realization that cartoons are no longer funny and that I'm about to graduate from college.

Well, like everyone that enters the doors and walks the halls of academia I have high hopes of making something of myself. Changing the world and all that...

I guess only time will tell. I'll keep you informed.
In the meantime I have my self-contained support network in my iPod cheering me on. (And my parents who don't want to see their son living in their basement)(Again).

Kings of Leon - Be Somebody
from the album Only By the Night (Amazon/iTunes)


kp said...

You're only old when you expect the comics to not be funny. When you still pick them up and think maybe they'll be funny, you're young enough

With Wolves said...

If you are only about to graduate from college and you already think cartoons are not funny than I would say you got old in your junior year (of highschool).