Wednesday, May 13, 2009

NEWS: Wilco (the album stream)

Wilco (the band) is now streaming Wilco (the album) on Wilco (the website), nearly a month and a half before it's official release! We've been hearing Wilco (the song) for awhile, but now we can finally hear the rest of the hump-backed record in all it's eponymous glory. Despite the goofy cover art it seems to follow fairly closely in Sky Blue Sky's footsteps, keeping it pretty mellow overall, with lots of opportunities to show off Nels Cline's noodling, and at least one chance to show off some Feist (see "You and I"). First impressions? It's good.

Stream it HERE.

1 comment:

kp said...

when I play the train game, I always want to say wilco instead of wilno. can we all play before you leave?