Monday, June 8, 2009

SONG: People Say

Not even a full-year after Censored Colors (seriously incredible) our favorite Wasilla, AK progressive rockers, Portugal. The Man, are set to release a new album titled The Satanic Satanist on July 21st.

Having the littlest bit of a sample of this forthcoming album increases my excitement nearly ten-fold. (That little guitar riff at the beginning accounts for nearly four of the ten folds. Wow.)

And lets not overlook that besides making exciting and captivating music, Portugal. The Man really shines in the album name department. We've got The Satanic Satanist, Censored Colors, Church Mouth, and, my personal favorite, It's Complicated Being a Wizard.

mp3: Portugal. The Man - People Say
from the album The Satanic Satanist (Amazon)

1 comment:

Tigre said...

Awesome song and good album titles, you're right.I always love when rockers evoke Satan.