Friday, July 24, 2009

ARTIST: We Need Help + Monsters of Folk!

So it's looking like our server problem might not get resolved. Subsequently, we're looking for an online server so we can keep sharing the music we love... which brings me to a question: do any of you out there in blog-land have any recommendations? Let us know in the comments or by email and we'll be getting this thing back up and in full-swing again soon!

In other news, here's something I'm pretty excited about - M. Ward, Conor Oberst, and Yim Yames (Jim James of My Morning Jacket) are rearing to release their first record together as 'Monsters of Folk', and so far the first single is everything I'd hope it would be. You can get the track for FREE at, and then go see them bring the folk when they roll through your town this fall.

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Ty said...

Have you tried Google for your problem? They are relatively inexpensive and pretty reliable from what I hear.