Thursday, January 31, 2008

ARTIST: and I said, "Oh!"

Sounds Like This was a long time coming. I saw Eric Hutchinson over two years ago in a little club opening for G. Love and fell in love. Only recently did he finally release a full length album.

Quite possibly the most comically entertaining individual I've ever seen perform and he backed the entire set with some stellar music, but really that should be flipped out of fear that I inadvertently bill him as a comedy act.

To start over, Eric makes really great music. Never have I heard such a soulful white man, he has traces of Stevie Wonder for sure. What is incredible is that it works, the soul doesn't sound forced, and since Tobler dared you not to bob your head to Goodtimes Goodtimes, I dare you not to tap a foot and groove (just a little) to All Over Now.

If you can get a hold of Eric's Before I Sold Out EP, you'll be able to hear how absolutely charming Eric is in a live setting and yes, I am calling another man charming.

His music is a crowd pleaser, keep it in the car, put it on at a party, everyone is going to find something to love about Eric Hutchinson.

Eric Hutchinson - All Over Now (Acoustic Version)

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meg said...

I will admit... I am in the current process of buying this new love on itunes... as we speak... I hate your for giving me more music to love...