Wednesday, January 30, 2008

ARTIST: Gettin' ready for the sunshine

It would seem that Goodtimes Goodtimes, the solo project of Italian born, London bred Franc Cinelli, has made its way to my ears at just the right time. Two reasons: First- the recent release of the I'm Not There soundtrack, and my receiving a hard-bound volume of Bob Dylan's lyrics as a timely Christmas gift, has put me in the mood for some good down-home folksy singer-songwriting. And second- with it being the icy dead of winter, I'm more than ready for some hope in a brighter, warmer, and sunnier tomorrow.

Enter Goodtimes Goodtimes. His debut album, Glue, includes several examples of said singing and songwriting. The music is most definitely sunny and begs your head to bob along- in fact I dare you not to. His lyrics are honest and thoughtful, and are delivered with a bluesy drawl that makes him a perfect candidate for my recent Dylan-desiring.

The song Sunshine Sunshine, aside from demonstrating Franc's belief that all good things should come in pairs, is a great example of all the warmest aspects of his music. And it makes great use of a harmonica- which is always an easy way into my heart.

from the album Glue

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