Wednesday, February 20, 2008

ARTIST: I want the whole sea for you and me

So here's another little treat out of Illinois. It's the newest single from the boys and a girl who make up Headlights - it's called Cherry Tulips, and I think you'll like it.

It's from their newest offering, Some Racing, Some Stopping. The record sees a stylistic shift toward a more '60s pop sound, with some straightforward songwriting and more full production - featuring whispy harmonies over catchy melodies, lots of instrumentation, and even a little xylophone here and there - all of which turns out to be just a lot of fun. Even despite all the production, the songs each retain an almost organic feel to them, as if they're unfolding for the very first time every time you listen to them. A perfect example is this track.

The record is out now, and the band is back on the road touring (they come to SLC on March 26th) - so I think you know what to do.

from the album Some Racing, Some Stopping (Amazon/iTunes)

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