Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ARTIST: The French didn't want me around

So I've been pretty spectacularly sick this past weekend. The kind of sick where you stop being afraid that you're going to die and begin fearing that you won't.
But I've made the best of it (and I'm not just speaking of the painkillers here.)
I put my music library on random and just waited for something to take me away because I literally had hours to just lie in bed.

Although not the only artist I listened to, Josh Rouse was a favorite.
Josh almost feels out of place in the present day, he sounds like something straight out of 1972 (coincidently also the name of one of his albums).
Take a trip back in time and get ready for plenty of organ, claps, and jazz flute.

Josh Rouse - Hollywood Bass Player
from the album Country Mouse, City House (Amazon/iTunes)

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