Saturday, February 16, 2008

ARTIST: Rescued by better things than man

A sweet young lady I know and quite like recently told me "I think I'm ready to be obsessed with the 1900's". I think she should, and I think you should too.

And we're not talking about the last century either, but the seven piece psychedelic folk-rock group out of Chicago. They play fun and catchy little ditties that call to mind some Belle & Sebastian and Camera Obscura, while keeping up the pop sensibilities that make you wanna shuffle your feet a little bit.

They recorded their first EP before they'd even played a show together, then their first full-length album, Cold and Kind, was released last year - and it should be a part of your music collection. Here's a taste:

from the album Cold and Kind (Amazon/iTunes)


brook said...

ya...they remind me of beulah, whom i also love...
maybe a new obsession is in store

James said...

feist is what comes to mind for me...
its good as well.

James said...

when shall our ears be pleased with beirut
polyphonic spree
any electronica stuff...if so i recommend calvin harris.