Monday, February 4, 2008

ARTIST: In time, we'll all show our age (but not Patrick, he's timeless)

If you have never heard Patrick Park's first album, Loneliness Knows My Name, go out, buy it, listen to it, and be filled. I'll wait.
Gorgeous isn't it?
Patrick's latest album, Everyone's In Everyone, is in the same vein as his first and nothing could have made me happier.
Patrick creates a perfect combination of simplicity and complexity. An acoustic guitar becomes a full orchestra of horns, strings, and percussion while Patrick's voice is joined by backup as he enters the chorus of the song and then back again. Dynamic!
The album itself becomes even more enjoyable over time, you begin to notice the increasing beauty of all the songs as your favorite shifts from track to track.

Patrick Park - Here We Are


brook said... DOES get harder to find! i love the wholistic sound

James said...

i enjoy music, especially this.

alex said...

Scrumtrelescent. Using any other adjective would be meaningless.