Friday, February 8, 2008

ARTIST: Swampy Rock

So my brother Ty has been looking at our blog and I love that. I love everyone who is looking at our blog especially those that make comments, it just warms the heart to know someone out there looks at all this.
Ty suggested I listen to The Black Keys and if I like them they may show up here, so keep a close eye on that. The Black Keys' bluesy rock was very reminiscent of a band named Mofro that I discovered a year ago and just began listening to again.
The best way to describe Mofro's style is swamp rock. A real raw Creedence Clearwater Revival with a hearty swig of blues, just a couple of country boys singing about collared greens, swimmin' holes, and their hometown.

Mofro - By My Side

Sadly, their best songs weren't available, instead go to their website where you can stream all their albums online (Look out for Dirtfloorcracker, my personal fave.)

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