Thursday, February 7, 2008

ARTIST: Everything you've loved

About two years ago I found myself at a rather uninspired songwriters showcase on campus- giving a platform to all of the John Mayer and Jack Johnson wannabe's in the college scene today. Just about all on the program were forgettable at best- all that is, except one. He walked out onto the stage with a homemade t-shirt that had the word WAR crossed out, and before starting he gave a brief explanation about the song he was about to play- said it was about his brother who had been struggling with substance abuse and had recently been to rehab. Then he played a gorgeous song called The Lord, Devil and Him - unfortunately I couldn't post that track, but I've put up another one that's just about as amazing.

I sat, completely mesmerized by his honest and beautiful songwriting. It was one of those musical experiences I'll never forget, and since that night I've completely fallen in love with Joshua James and his music. His debut album, The Sun is Always Brighter, came out last year (another one of my top 2007 releases - you can buy it here or on iTunes) and he's been touring extensively in support of it. Do yourself a favor and go see the man live- you can catch a list of concert dates on his website, or his myspace.

And for those of you who are already blessed to know all about the magic that is Joshua James, here's a little treat he whipped up recently- a cover of Modest Mouse's Custom Concern. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Joshua James is a very talented singer/songwriter. I once told him that his music reminded me slightly of Damien Rice and he was very grateful, said Damien Rice is one of his major influences.

If you ever get the chance to see him live, do it and make sure to talk to him after, really down to earth guy and cool to talk to.

Andy • Drew • Andrew said...

joshua james has really come around... from small town to itunes.

James said...

if only he were swedish...check out Jens Lekman, and The Lovekevins. Two very melodic swedish musical talent.

Tobler said...

Oh don't you worry James - there will be some Mr. Lekman on here soon. And as for the Lovekevins... well, I'll have to look into that.

More to come.