Friday, March 7, 2008

ARTIST: Love love love

I can say with 100% confidence and without the least bit of apology that Tristan Prettyman is one of the most attractive singer/songwriters of all time.
She also makes some pretty good music.
And she is also very beautiful.

Tristan and I actually shared the stage a couple years ago at a club in Park City one cold February night. She sang and performed on it while I sat on it, still technically sharing the stage. (I was also sharing the stage with my date, a fact that escaped me shortly after Tristan started singing. I came to just in time to remember to take her home. Thus, I remain a great guy and a great date.)

Tristan is Jack Johnson and G. Love all rolled into one, but with a breathy female voice that just makes me melt. I think another beautiful talented woman is just what the Singer/Songwriter genre needs right now. So instead of throwing money away on a new Dashboard Confessional CD (he claims it'll be a concept album. Ugh.), invest your money in someone deserving it.

"There's something so amazing about music; it can transform the dullest environments into beautiful places. Put it on, hear it out, look around, revel in the moment. Here lie the beauty and clarity that get you through your day."
-Tristan Prettyman

Here is the single from her new album due out April 15th.

Tristan Prettyman - Madly Madly
from the album Hello (Amazon/iTunes)

(Ok, so it appears just as soon as we post a song it stops working. I've fixed the link to still download the song, so thats something positive.)

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slacker said...

I think she looks more like a pretty man.