Tuesday, March 4, 2008

ARTIST: Love will set me free

I've never been a big fan of home-schooling. I know some people are home-schooled and still turn out to be socially functional individuals, but it just seems to produce a large amount of nutters. Weirdos are the rule rather than the exception. (Prove me wrong home-schooling parents! Prove me wrong!)
Brett Dennen is one such exception. His own unique curriculum allowed him to explore and create his own musical styling.
Although you could draw parallels between Brett's music and others like Paul Simon and Bob Dylan, his sound seems to be his own. Very uplifting, warm, and peaceful.
As it begins to warm up in the cold state of Utah I look forward to having Brett complete my soundtrack to a beautiful and sunny day.

Brett Dennen - Ain't No Reason
from the album So Much More (Amazon/iTunes)


Anonymous said...

Me gusta mucho. It was rather warming.

Chris and Laurie said...

oh man, i remember you and chris going off about home schooled kids one day at work, so i told you i was home schooled. oh i miss the phone room...

brook said...

i love his voice.
and the sound.
and summer.
and the ocean.
and now i don't like this song
cuz it makes me miss all things warm and not-frozen.

James said...

i have to disagree and say that i am not a big fan of his voice, and i don't find his music all that original...but i respect his talent. it flows well.