Wednesday, April 23, 2008

CONTEST: Our first contest ever!!

It's summer.

A change of seasons, a change of pace, and a change of mind.
Also, a new Tristan Prettyman album.
We don't think this is a coincidence.
Tristan makes music that heralds back to a warmer time.

And as a special treat to celebrate her new album, Hello, we're giving away a very special lady's tanktop that Tristan designed for Elwood Clothing , perfect for summertime wearing (click on the image for a closer look).

All you need to do to enter to win this lovely little item is leave us a poem. That's right. A poem. It doesn't have to be some great work of literary merit, but it does need to be about summer.
Road trips, family vacations, no school, no responsibilities, summer flings.....the possibilities are endless.
Just go wild with it, and leave it in our comments section.
We'll even give you an example:

I'm unemployed and friendless
Dating is one huge mess
Wish I hadn't woken up, wish I'd died
But I go on, cause it's warm outside.

Ok ok, so we may have just set the bar pretty high, but I think everyone can handle something like that, especially since we have an extremely liberal definition of what constitutes a poem.
Submit as many poems as you want, we'll be looking for our favorite. Make sure you check back often for when we announce the winner.

In the meantime, sit back, prop your feet up, and bask in the soft radiance of Tristan's voice.

Tristan Prettyman - New Soul (Yael Naim cover)


meg said...

ok I love love love her too! Dang it you boys! The money you make me spend on an ever-growing music collection... sheesh! Oh- and here's the best off the top of my head in lieu of a poem...

wish i had a swing or maybe some sand
or maybe a big strong hand,
but holding hands in the hot sun
well, it can sometimes get sweaty...
....and that's just no fun.

hope you liked that. it's all i got right now.

Anonymous said...

Here goes nothing in haiku form-- (do i get style points?)

Hot Sand in my crack
I think my cat poo'd in here
Thank you sweet sandbox.

By: Austin Gunn

Rebecca said...

wooo!! i listened to her the whole way home on my drive from utah to ca yesterday. 8 hours of bliss. anywho, here goes:

Windows down with my hair in my face,
the sun is shining, and I want to race...
downtown to get my self some frozen yogurt,
I got a sunburn today, it makes my shoulders hurt.
Children shriek as the bikes whiz by,
A mom wags her hand to shoo away the fly.
As the sun goes down, I watch it and smile.
I hope this nice weather stays awhile.

the end

jill said...

i heart tristan prettyman. she is even more amazing live. i would love to rock her tank.

my poem:

the world comes out of hibernation
for longer days of celebration,
we live for leaving on vacation,
another summer brings elation.

p.s. you should put up one of her original songs for all to hear.

Veronika said...

Waves, waving around-
my arm bleeds from a knife wound.
Go away, sharks. Leave.

brook said...

please tell me this is still going...i've been on a sabbatical due to finals and then moving.

once upon there was a girl named lucky
who was on a mission
and was getting a little trunky
she decided to shake it off
and realized there was a moth.

that's it. haha

Sara said...

A little poem by me
I live in Tennessee
You think summer is cool
But its not
Sweat in my mouth
Living in the south
I need some ice java
Outside its hotter than molten lava

And humidity too, y'all.

Kristin said...

If it is August or maybe July
And you get the hiccups and want to go cry
That won't help.
If you're at the beach or maybe the pool
And you just keep hiccuping and looking uncool
It's OK!
Your friends might be giggling when you try to talk
Your brain might be jiggling as it gets bumped and knocked
Before you go drink from a glass upside down
Or let your friends scare you to keep those things down
That won't work.
Just have a nice spoonful of peanut butter.
Tasty and effective.

Heather Lee said...

Summer comes before the rain
Rainbows can’t even say the same
Sunburns are the only pain
Sand…slushies…smoothies? I’m game.
There’s a lot to say about summer,
But if I don’t get that tank it’ll be a bummer.

carly said...

hm...a poem about summer huh? ok here it goes (don't you dare laugh at me boys)

sitting in my summer skin,
creating freckles on my chin...
holding hands and laughing hard,
playing guitar in your front yard...
eating breakfast by the sea,
it's just you and it's just me...
watching movies at the house,
cool and comfy on that couch...
getting here and feeling free,
hoping you still like me for me...
and at that bonfire, like the smallest ember,
summer times end come September...

:) hope you enjoyed that!

amanda said...

Summmmmmmmer. mmmm. i'm lovin it.
here's my poem.

i just saw a girl walk by
in a
sky blue dress-
it impressed.

who wouldn't want to be a piece of the sky with
arms and legs
and a smile?

Squash said...

This is from Kristy.

I’ve been on Summer time my whole life,
no school, no jobs and as of yet no strife.
I’ve spent my time soakin’ up the sun,
with people telling me I’m just a bum.
But I tell those people to please calm down,
I’m just havin’ fun while summers’ around.
I’m havin’ drinks & smokin’ bowls,
which is pretty lame cause I’m getting old.
But I don’t care cause as I’ve said,
I’ll be on Summer time till I’m dead.

Ryan Teague said...

Squeeker was a duck
He didn’t give a
His life pretty much sucked
And nobody cut him
But then he wrote a poem
And put a tank top on his
And suddenly his life
Seemed so much more on
Squeeker wasn’t duck;
This story’s really about
So seriously, guys
Give me the freakin tank top, because I
Really need something pretty to wear
During the summer so I can show my
Muscles in a fashionable way.