Monday, April 28, 2008

NEWS: Oh, he's got me wondering

Weezer was one of my very favorite bands as a kid - one that I could always come back to. The Blue Album is a staple for many of my generation, and if you ask just about any American twenty-something around they could probably sing you the lyrics to the Sweater song or Say it Ain't So, and probably have some fond memories of the video for Buddy Holly. The album seemed to be kind of a beacon on the radio amidst all the grunge and hip-hop of the mid-nineties. Next came Pinkerton, a beautifully bizarre record that was rough around the edges, but became a touch-point for much of the independent music I listened to in high school - with classics like The Good Life, El Scorcho, and Falling for You.

Then came the long hiatus and the much anticipated (and highly disappointing) return of my boyhood heroes. The Green Album, Maladroit, and Make Believe were all commercially successful, but rather forgettable efforts - lacking the excitement and vulnerability of their earlier records.

So now they've announced their sixth album. It will be their third eponymous release, yet again to be designated by its color scheme (it's the Red Album this time around) - and they are pitching it as a return back to their old sound while "keeping an eye to the future". I can honestly say that I hope so. Not that I'm hoping for a return to what they were doing 10+ years ago - no, I'm just hoping to hear something exciting from them again, something that makes me look up and say "wow. that was awesome" and want to play it again. And again. However, if this album art is any indication, my hopes are probably in vain.

So this post has a two-fold mission. Here's the first single from their new album, called Pork and Beans. Listen to it and decide for yourself. Is it awesome or is it not awesome? Let us know. I've also included a b-side from the Pinkerton sessions back in 1996, one of my all-time favorite Weezer songs, with some help from Rachel Haden on vocals. A tribute to just how great this band can really be.

Weezer - Pork and Beans
from the album Weezer (pre-order on iTunes)

Weezer - I Just Threw Out the Love of my Dreams
from The Good Life Single (Amazon)


Joe said...

They have got to be kidding with that album art. Holy crap. But then again, I thought they were kidding with the Beverley Hills song...and video.

The song sounds pretty good. Better than than all of their recent stuff. I'm just glad they are playing music.

Joe said...

I dislike the bass player more and more every time I see him. I mean, I'm sure he is a nice guy and everything...but there is just something about his face, and the fact that he didn't contribute to Weezer's only good albums.