Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ARTIST: We're reeling together

I've been on a horse once in my entire life and it was not pleasant. Something about sitting on a 1200 lb animal that I had no control over and could kill me with a kick to the head. I imagined it would be like driving a car, but with the fun sound of two coconut shells hitting together. Not so. Just painful. (Do saddles really make a difference?)

But I love Band of Horses.

So in review:
Individual horses: Not a fan.
A Band of Horses: Big fan.

This is the second album from Band of Horses and the first since co-founder and guitarist Mat Brooke left to focus on his group Grand Archives.
Break-ups are always a sad event, but in this case we're reaping some pretty fantastic benefits.
Cease to Begin is Band of Horses latest release and it's something else and Grand Archives have released my favorite album of the year to date.
Sometimes people need to spend some time apart.

Listen to the way Ben Bridwell's voice casts a morose shadow over some gorgeous other-worldly music. (And yes, I looked up 'morose' to make sure I was using it correctly)

Band of Horses - No One's Gonna Love You
from the album Cease to Begin (Amazon/iTunes)

Band of Horses - The Great Salt Lake
from the album Everything All the Time (Amazon/iTunes)

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