Saturday, May 10, 2008

ARTIST: We wake up, we choose love, we choose light

I heard about The Submarines a year or so ago when some very good friends saw them open for Josh Ritter in LA. They said that they were awesome. I had a few songs, and yes, they were awesome. But I never really got too head over heels for them and I'm not sure why.

Well I might just be trying to fill that boy/girl duo void for another two weeks 'til Mates of State's album comes out, or maybe I'm just a real sucker for this kind of indie-pop, but I've finally fallen for the Submarines (AKA John Dragonetti and Blake Hazard) - and I've fallen hard.

The LA couple has a new album coming out this Tuesday (May 13th) called Honeysuckle Weeks, and let me tell you again - it is awesome (I also just checked and it's already available on iTunes). This will mark their first album to be completely written and recorded together - their debut album was actually written separately while the two were broken up and then recorded after they got back together. Lucky for us they're still together and going strong - because these are awesome songs. Or did I mention that already?

from the album Honeysuckle Weeks (Amazon/iTunes)

from the album Honeysuckle Weeks (Amazon/iTunes)

Also coming out this Tuesday is Death Cab's new album. Woohoo.

The Little Ones will be playing tonight at Kilby Court in Salt Lake with Ra Ra Riot. If you can, don't miss it.


jon & jill said...

i believe we were those "friends."

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