Saturday, June 7, 2008

ARTIST: Rain, rain go away

So it may be June, but here in Utah Valley it still doesn't quite feel like summer. What's with this rain already?!

Well, with that let's move on to the music. Just in time for summer (in words only, 'til this rain goes away) comes the sophomore album A Memory of Open Space, from DC's The Fairline Parkway. Made up of two old college friends (Zachary Okun and Raj Gadhia) plus a couple friends since then (Ben Licciardi, Krista and Elmer Sharp), The Fairline Parkway have crafted a mellow and thoughtful record here. The acoustically driven tracks and airy vocals are laced with just the right amount of production - some strings here, some horns there - and the result is a near perfect lazy sunday summer record (incidentally, I've found it's a pretty good rainy day soundtrack too... blast you rain). For those of you who like the stylings of Mojave 3 or The Perishers, you'll find lots to enjoy here.

The album rolls along lazily, each song just quietly adding on to what's come before it. In fact, this is an album that rewards repeated careful listens - I've found myself really falling for some of these songs as I've come back on my third or fourth time. Some particular highlights are 'Westward Bound' (the likely single), the quietly string-driven 'Homesteaders', and 'A Given Day' (a perfect example of a rewarding listen - the synth touches late in the song not only made me smile - but prompted me to put this one on repeat for awhile).

So if it feels like summer where you are, or you just want it to feel like summer... check these guys and girl out. Here's a taste, and a link to a video that you may just love.

from the album A Memory of Open Spaces (Amazon/iTunes)

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