Thursday, June 5, 2008

NEWS: Something(s) to move your feet on to...

Just a quick note about two releases that I'm very excited about:

First - Joshua James's debut album The Sun is Always Brighter finally saw a national release on Tuesday, both on CD and vinyl! Friends, this is easily one of my favorite records of recent memory (see what we've already said here and here). The songwriting is beautiful, the production is perfect, and the album is just so well put together its amazing. I've had this little gem in my hands since January '07, and I still come back to it more than just "every so often", and that kind of staying power is worth mentioning. From the raspy opening lines in 'The New Love Song' to the chilling conclusion of 'Commodore', this album needs to be in your collection. Like, now.

*Notice that iTunes has also released a "Deluxe Edition" which includes two additional tracks, 'Winter Storm' and 'Lovers Without Love Like Me' (from Fields & Floods and B-Sides, It's Dark Outside respectively) 'Lovers Without Love...' happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time.

from the album The Sun is Always Brighter (Amazon/iTunes)

Second - Fleet Foxes' full length hit record stores on Tuesday as well, and all I can say is wow. We saw them at Sasquatch a few weeks ago (read about it here) and were floored by their earthy tones and beautiful harmonies. I was curious if they'd be able to capture the brilliance we'd heard in person for the length of an entire album, and to be honest I thought it was rather unlikely. Well, I'm sorry I underestimated these guys, because this is one amazing record. At its best moments it's purely transportive -- taking the listener to far flung mountain landscapes, and wintery old-world vistas. At its worst (if you can even say that) its just really beautiful songs. Check it out.

Fleet Foxes - He Doesn't Know Why
from the album Fleet Foxes (Amazon/iTunes)

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