Sunday, June 1, 2008

CONCERT: This is why I love music II

Friday encompassed everything I love about music.
Powerful music and fantastic musicians.
Chris and I saw the Grand Archives for the second time this week (first was at Sasquatch in Washington) and if all goes well in life it will not be the last time we see them. We also got the chance to see Sera Cahoone and her band open for them, who despite the less-than-ideal circumstances, put on a good show. Please check her out, she's fun.

They played to a fairly sparse crowd (about thirty) and due to a scheduling mix-up played in a venue that can comfortably hold a couple hundred.
But the show went on and the Grand Archives put on a spectacular one, their music is flawless.
The dynamic of the group as a whole is incredible with every member contributing to the harmonies creating that unique sound I've come to love from the Grand Archives.
Most exciting was the inclusion of two new songs (Crazy and Liberty Bell) that gave us a glimpse at what the Grand Archives have in store for us in the near future. A bright future indeed.

I can only imagine great things from this band. Keep an eye out.

(I love that you can see dusk setting in through the open balcony)

Grand Archives - Sleepdriving
from the album Grand Archives (Amazon/iTunes)

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brook said...

oh i love this sample!
sorry about my long absence. but alas, i am back to comment like a mad-woman!