Sunday, July 6, 2008

NEWS: What's the point of even asking?

This is a cry for companionship.

We've posted and posted on Joshua James and it's no secret that we love him.
He creates beautiful music and has continued to amaze me live each and every time,

But now for my dilemma:

Joshua James is coming to Salt Lake on August 1st, which is a happy event, and my usual concert going troupe is no doubt committed to attend, and who can blame them, however on that same day The Republic Tigers will be playing at Kilby Court and that is where I plan to be. Alone if needs be (but I'd rather not be).

The Republic Tigers are a funky combination that I would call electro-folk (Imagine acoustic guitars and synthesizers. Awesome isn't it?).
Trust me, if Buildings and Mountains doesn't suck you in the ethereal sound of The Nerve or their rock-star wanna-be anthem Air Guitar will.

They've got a beautifully unique sound and some downright catchy beats.

Please listen, please love, and please accompany me on August 1st

The Republic Tigers - Buildings and Mountains
from the album Keep Color (Amazon/iTunes)


Tigre said...

Wish I could of seen yall there but got stuck working. Very sad thing. Can't wait to hear about it though- I'm sure it was great.

alex haig said...

You've done it again, Logan.